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Wander Through the World’s Most Liveable City


  • 10 days


  • Learn and experience the five elements of the world's most liveable city: Stability, Healthcare, Culture, Education and Infrastructure 

  • Gain hands-on experience and build teamwork through various workshops and interactive activities

  • Instill the love of music in a fun and supportive atmosphere


The EIU's Global Liveability Index has crowned Vienna as the world's most liveable city. The Austrian capital is a perennial champion of these popular annual listings of places said to boast a notably enviable quality of life, based on factors like safety, health and education scores, access to transit and green space, cultural amenities, cost of living, and so forth. 

Vienna has been highly regarded as a city of innovation, and urban planners have used it as a case study because of its success. During this educational tour, students will have the opportunity to explore the city by looking into the five elements of a livable city: Stability, Healthcare, Culture, Education and Infrastructure by participating in sharing sessions, interactive activities and workshops led by Austrian teachers to further understand what we can learn from this world's most liveable city. On the other hand, students will also experience the world's music capital, Vienna by visiting music-related attractions and attending concerts, as well as receiving professional training and masterclass in Johannes Brahms Music School (JBMS) in Mürzzuschlag. 

austria wander through most liveable cit


  • Home country > Vienna, Austria

austria mission finding invisible 1.png


  • Vienna city tour

Accordion workshop.jpg

DAY 3-5

  • Explore the element of "Culture"

  • Tailor-made music training at JBMS

  • Exchange with local students

  • Cultural activities (eg. folk dance, accordion workshop, German language class)

austria most liveable city 1.jpg


  • Workshop and activities on "Stability"

  • History-related visitation

austria most liveable city 3.jpg


  • Workshop and activities on "Education"

  • Art-related visitation

austria most liveable city 2.jpeg


  • Sharing session on "Infrastructure"

  • Technology-related visitation

austria brahms bwmf jbms 2.jpg


  • Workshop and activities on "Healthcare"

  • Performance at a retirement home

Hong Kong Skyline

DAY 10

  • Vienna, Austria > Home country

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