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Cultural Exchange & Music Festival


  • 12 days


  • Encourage learning and improvement through student exchange programme and workshop

  • Better understanding and appreciation for the nation’s people and culture

  • Experience a rich perspective and colourful approach to music education 


On the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, the air is filled with music in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Singing and dancing are an essential part of the Baltic soul that their expression is honored on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Both a repository and a showcase for the region’s tradition of performing folk art, this cultural expression culminates in large-scale festivals every five years in Estonia and Latvia and every four years in Lithuania. These grand events, held over several days, assemble over 40,000 singers and dancers. 

Eligibility: Choir

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  • Home country > Helsinki, Finland

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DAY 2-5

4 Full Days of Music Training & Activities

  • Choral music training & exchange activities at Vilnius Balys Dvarionas Ten-Year Music School

baltic states cultural exchange 2.jpg

DAY 6-11

  • Performance opportunity

  • Sightseeing spots around Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius

Hong Kong Skyline

DAY 11

  • Helsinki, Finland > Home country

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