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International Brahms Winter Music Festival


  • 11 days


  • Encourage learning and improvement through healthy competition

  • Develop teamwork, a sense of achievement, and adapt to multi-faceted approaches to learning through competition, exchange programmes and workshops

  • Experience a rich perspective and colourful approach to music education 


International Brahms Winter Music Festival was initiated by Johannes Brahms Music School (JBMS) in Mürzzuschlag in 2012. Without age restrictions, individual and group participants from Europe and Asia have been actively participating for many years. After the competition, students will attend masterclass, exchange programme and jointly perform as an orchestra with the students of JBMS. 

Eligibility: Orchestra / Band / Choir

austria wander through most liveable cit


  • Home country > Vienna, Austria


DAY 2-3

  • International Brahms Winter Music Festival

austria brahms bwmf jbms 1.jpg

DAY 4-7

  • Musical training, exchange and performance at JBMS

austria brahms bwmf jbms 3.jpg

DAY 8-10

  • Music-related sightseeing spots around Vienna

Hong Kong Skyline

DAY 11

  • Vienna, Austria > Home country

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