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Helsinki & Turku STEM Experience Tour


  • 9 days


  • Get a holistic understanding of the conglomerate and network of technology and innovation  

  • Uncover the significant impact of science and technology on human life in our developing world  

  • Participate in lectures, sharing sessions and build teamwork through project-based activities


Finnish are most characterized by their love and close relationship to nature. It has traditionally been the source of livelihood, but most importantly it is the place where they retreat to from the hussle and bustle of the modern world. Nature makes them happy, one of the happiest nations in the world.

Helsinki is a compact and modern city, known for design and high technology. The country is training 1% of the population, to become AI literate with a goal to turn Finland into Europe's #1 AI lab. Art, design and architecture from Finland are also making waves internationally. In 2012 the city was designated as the World Capital of Design. Modernism, functionalism and the greatest concentration of Art Nouveau works of Northern Europe make of Helsinki a reference city in architecture.

STEM educational tour in Helsinki & Turku provides students insights into the renowned education system via phenomenon-based learning, science cruise, startup and innovation workshop, strategy games and problem-solving activities in nature.

Sunrise over Sydney


  • Home country > Helsinki, Finland

Sunrise over Sydney


  • "Save the Planet" strategy game and problem-solving activities

Sunrise over Sydney


  • Green trail safe guided hike 

  • Finnish flora and fauna learning 

  • Glimpse of Finnish way of living

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DAY 4-5

  • Science cruise at Turku (various workshop in collaboration with university students and high school students)

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DAY 6-8

  • Innovation and startup workshop

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  • Helsinki city tour

Sunrise over Sydney

DAY 10

  • Helsinki, Finland > Home country

Sunrise over Sydney

Sunrise over Sydney

Sunrise over Sydney

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