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Tsukuba Sports Education Tour


  • 6 days


  • Develop resilience and learn failure management

  • Improve teamwork and self-regulation, as well as experiencing social inclusion

  • Parenting through the theme of Sportsmanship


All children encounter stress of varying degrees as they grow. Despite their best efforts, parents can’t protect kids from obstacles. Resilience helps kids navigate these stressful situations, and exercise is one of the way to strengthen the brain and make it more resilient to stress and adversity. 


With the support of the Tsukuba Sports Association, students and parents will have a chance to join the training and exchange with Tsukuba youth sport team and experience Judo / Kendo workshop at a Japanese school. We will go hiking at one of the most famous mountains in Japan - Mount Tsukuba which is also a common excursion for Tsukuba primary schools, followed by orienteering activity collaborated by both parents and students. Students will have the opportunity to experience how to cope with physical obstacles through the Paralympic sport programme and sharing session organised by Nippon foundation Paralympic support centre, while Sport Physiotherapist Jin Sensei will also be sharing his expertise on well-being / inner health checkup and give an introduction on failure management.

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  • Home country > Tokyo, Japan

  • Sport Science and Health Talk by sports physiotherapist: Well-being, inner health checkup and introduction to failure management

  • Welcome dinner

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  • Hiking in Mount Tsukuba (ecological tour)

  • Orienteering at Shirosato Camp Site

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  • Visit local school (Judo / Kendo class)

  • Exchange with local students (discussion on resilience and failure management)

  • Sports training and exchange with School Radio Exercise and Sports Onigokko

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  • Paralympic Sports Youth Programme organised and led by Nippon foundation Paralympic support center 

  • Sharing by Paralympic sports representative / athlete

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  • Cultural experience: Japanese style parenting

  • Taiko Drum workshop with Japanese families

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  • Discussion & reflection

  • Educational visits

  • Tokyo, Japan > Home country

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