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Summa Cum Laude (SCL) International Youth Music Festival


  • 12 days


  • Encourage learning and improvement through healthy competition

  • Develop teamwork, a sense of achievement, and adapt to multi-faceted approaches to learning through competition, exchange programmes and workshops

  • Experience a rich perspective and colourful approach to music education 


The Summa Cum Laude Festival is an international youth music festival for choirs, bands and orchestras, held annually in Vienna, Austria in July. It takes place in the city's two main classical concert venues, the Golden Hall of the Musikverein and the Konzerthaus. The Festival was established in 2007, hosted by VIA MUSICA (Vienna International Association for Music and Culture Exchange). Participants may elect to compete with their peers in the "SCL Competition" or they may choose to enroll in the non-competitive "SCL Celebration" workshops and seminars, which take place in the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. Before the competition, all students will be trained in the Johannes Brahms Music School (JBMS) by professional musicians including conductor from the Vienna Boys Choir. 

Eligibility: Orchestra / Band / Choir

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  • Home country > Vienna, Austria

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DAY 2-4

3 Full Days of Music Training & Activities

  • Tailor-made music training at JBMS

  • Cultural activities (eg. folk dance, accordion workshop, German language class)

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DAY 5-8

  • SCL competition, workshops and talks

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  • ​SCL Gala Winners’ Concert and certificate presentation

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DAY 10-11

  • Music-related sightseeing spots around Prague, Salzburg and Vienna

Hong Kong Skyline

DAY 12

  • Vienna, Austria > Home country

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