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  • 5 days


  • Instill the love of informal and creative writing such as journaling in a fun and supportive atmosphere

  • Help students to overcome the "blank page syndrome"

  • Develop proficiency in critical thinking and self-learning


Never under-estimate what a piece of paper could do! From sketching paper to paperbacks, letter paper and banknotes, each and every piece of paper tells us stories of an idea, its meaning behind along with the aspects of culture and history.

Through a series of fun and creative workshops at well-known locations, such as Xue Xue Institute, Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines, students will learn about different ways of using this humble medium through individual and teamwork; while exploring art in the outdoors at Juming Museum and Yehliu Geo Park, and also learning the traditions of Taiwanese cakes at the Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and Pastry.

The students will get to meet a few life-inspiring people and learn how they express themselves through paper - including motivational speaker Fu-Hua Chuang, who was disabled due to a tragic fire accident at the tender age of 10. Today, she is referred to as Taiwan’s Helen Keller and uses Morse code, eyes and head movement to express her thoughts in poems and books. She has once written that she does not seek the ability to run fast, but to have depth in life.

The students will be given a sketchbook to express their reflections of what they have learned each day. We are aspired to bring an eye-opening and humbling experience to the students, in understanding how something as simple as a piece of paper could express so much and how it could be creatively used in expressing themselves, too.

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  • Home country > Taipei, Taiwan

  • Meet a celebrity speaker: Paper Story – story of colours

  • Workshop at Xue Xue Institute

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Paper Story - from observation to ideas

  • ​Ideas from observation - Workshop at Juming Museum

  • Light and shadow at Yehliu Geo Park

  • Daily journal workshop

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Paper Story - from ideas to lines

  • Meet the artist & art-jamming workshop

  • Taiwan’s art & culture: Visit Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines

  • Daily journal workshop

taiwan paper stories 3.jpg


Paper Story - the power of writing

  • Meet the life warrior Chuang Fu-Hua + Writing & Origami workshop

  • Taiwan’s art & culture: visit a traditional pastry

  • Daily journal workshop & trip reflection

Hong Kong Skyline


  • Art & culture visitation

  • Taipei, Taiwan > Home country

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