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Established in 2005 by Mr. Ignatius Ho, the founder of Metropolitan Youth Orchestra (, PMA Music Foundation ( and Life Without Limits ( who believes the positive impact of experiential learning outside the formal classroom, HKPMA is an organisation specialised in organising overseas educational tours and local thematic camps with a touch of art and humanities.


Since our beginnings, we have built a reputation for providing personalised service to many schools and educational institutions in overseas music learning, exchange, festival, performance and competition tours under the World Music Academy (WMA) series. We believe young musicians will be inspired through various customised programs by learning from the masters and music exploration beyond borders. WMA music tour was first set off to Austria in 2005 and an exclusive documentary of the journey was aired by Hong Kong broadcaster RTHK.

An outstanding learning tour experience should include great sightseeing but also engaging in special human touch of cultural exchange with the locals to gain a more thorough understanding of the world through local arts, history, environment, language, culture, and rituals.

In 2015, in addition to our musical themes, we launched World Vision Academy (WVA) for new learning tour series along with our values of “Humanity, Creativity, and Discovery” in order to bring a more pertinent experience and a wider perspective to schoolchildren. It is our goal to develop a generation of passionate life-long learners and equip them with 4Cs of 21st-century skills:

  • Critical Thinking – Finding solutions to problems

  • Creativity – Thinking out of the box

  • Collaboration – Working with others to reach a goal

  • Communication – Conveying ideas and thoughts

As of today, we have organised over 100 tours to 30 destinations across the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and Oceania for more than 3,000 participants from kindergarten, primary and secondary school to university. And we cordially invite you to come on this journey of meaningful learning with us!

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