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Entrepreneurship in Asia's Silicon Valley


  • 6 days


  • Identify students' personal purpose and encourage greater self-awareness

  • Develop their entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills to realize their potential

  • Learn how to take a creative approach to solve problems in a team


Singapore is the Asian regional headquarters for 59% of multinational tech companies and many of the world's largest corporations. This 6-day tour in Singapore is a starting point for students into innovation and entrepreneurship.

The StrengthsFinder workshop and team building activities will cover evaluating students' strengths and weaknesses, guiding them to apply their strengths in daily life and grow their strengths in the context of relationships and teams. Thereafter, students are required to attend innovative entrepreneurial workshops focused on developing their critical thinking, creativity and leadership skills. While entrepreneurship was traditionally defined as the process of designing, launching, and running a new business, this has expanded and is now akin to having an entrepreneurial spirit. This workshop aims to help students gain an understanding of the principles of entrepreneurship and the skills necessary for starting a business, as well as challenging them to take a creative approach to solve problems and to demonstrate how they would implement solutions.

Sunrise over Sydney


  • Home country > Singapore 

  • Sharing session and welcome dinner with well-known social entrepreneur

Sunrise over Sydney


  • StrengthsFinder workshop 

  • Outdoor team building activity

Sunrise over Sydney

DAY 3​-5

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation workshop

  • Innovative company visits

Sunrise over Sydney


  • Tour reflection & discussion 

  • Singapore city tour 

  • Singapore > Home country

Sunrise over Sydney

Sunrise over Sydney

Sunrise over Sydney

Sunrise over Sydney

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