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Plant a Seed, Build a Life


  • 8 days


  • Understand the value of empathy and social responsibility 

  • Bring fun and fulfillment to life through volunteering and giving back to the community  

  • Develop resilience and learn failure management through various activities


A Thai experience can be so much more meaningful than pomelo salad, sun bathing and shopping.

From Chiang Mai to Bangkok, this tour uncovers the mystery of the past lush lives in Thailand, and offers a chance for students to experience lives under the line in a remote camp area located far west. Through a series of cultural activities which consist of close interactions with local hill tribes (Karen tribe); students will unveil the beauty in the locals’ daily lives that will never be covered by the mass media.

All visits and encounters are authentic, whether it be food, trekking or farm visits - we take but we also learn to give. As meaningful travellers, students are encouraged to give back to the society by doing community services such as tree planting and visiting The Opportunity Foundation to help the most unfortunate young children who are abandoned, or are at risk of being abused, and trafficked. British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill has once said, ‘we made a living by receiving; we made a life by giving’!

Sunrise over Sydney


  • Home country > Chiang Mai, Thailand 

  • Tha Song Yang Camp Ground by coach (6 hours ride)

Sunrise over Sydney

DAY 2-3

  • Meet the Karen people at Tha Song Yang Camp Ground 

  • Engage in local cultural activities 

  • Participate in a local project

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  • Tha Song Yang Camp Ground > Chiang Mai 

  • Engage in local cultural activities, visiting local shops 

  • Enjoy local Khantoke cuisine

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  • Chiang Mai > Bangkok (2.5 hours flight) 

  • Bangkok > Nang Rong (1-hour coach) 

  • Interact with local children through an international NGO

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  • Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary 

  • Trekking in the sanctuary 

  • Participant in a local community project

Sunrise over Sydney


  • Visit a farm site powered by solar energy 

  • Khmer architecture built on extinct 1,000 year old volcano in Phanom Rung Historic Park

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Day 8

  • Visit the local morning market in Nang Rong 

  • Cultural exchange with local school 

  • Bangkok > Home country

Sunrise over Sydney

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