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Wilderness Survival Tour


  • 6 days


  • Acquire basic knowledge, skills and attitude essential to survive in the wilderness or in an isolated environment  

  • Gain hands-on experience and build teamwork through various workshops and interactive activities  

  • Develop resilience and learn failure management through various adventurous activities


This 6-day customised multi-country tour begins in Kuala Lumpur and ends in Singapore, both cultural melting pots of Southeast Asia. The programmes are exciting and diverse - a jam-packed urban plus wild experience and garden route; with a visit to the waterfalls area; ending with a relaxing city tour in the beautiful Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Wilderness survival is meant to give students a thorough understanding of what to do in the event that they should become lost in the wilderness. This is an opportunity for them to be creative when using items from the list to help them survive. This tour fosters teamwork skills, as students will work in groups trying to obtain their objectives. There are plenty of outdoor activities includes fire making, tent building, fishing, animal trap setting, location and time finding, plant recognition, basic first aid training, water confidence training, sandcastle team building game and kayaking. This is definitely one of the most useful and practical boot camp for students to increase their their self-confidence, self-reliance and safety when adventuring!

Sunrise over Sydney


  • Home country > Kuala Lumpur, 

  • Malaysia Kuala Lumpur > Campsite by coach 

  • Briefing & safety training 

  • Night walk in the wilderness

Sunrise over Sydney


  • Wilderness survival training (1) - Erect camp tents & toilets, natural fire, natural time finder, set up animal traps, fishing in the wild, natural water filter, build a jungle shed, self-cooked dinner, etc

Sunrise over Sydney


  • Wilderness survival training (2) - Noodles making, build safety alert, leave markings, recognize poisonous & edible vegetation & mushroom, emergency techniques, blood stopping, self-cooked lunch, river crossing techniques, environmental care learning, etc

Sunrise over Sydney


  • Team reflection & discussion 

  • Barbeque lunch 

  • Kuala Lumpur city tour

Sunrise over Sydney


  • Kuala Lumpur > Singapore 

  • Sandcastle team building activity 

  • Kayaking fun!

Sunrise over Sydney


  • Singapore city tour 

  • Singapore > Home country

Sunrise over Sydney

Sunrise over Sydney

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