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A Mission to Find What Is Invisible


  • 9 days


  • Learn about different art movements with the influence of music through history

  • Gain hands-on experience in producing artwork of different genres

  • Experience how art is implemented into different facets of the Austrian culture


Located right in the center of Europe, Vienna has not only been an important host to many great musicians and composers in history, such as Mozart, Strauss and Brahms, but also being a major hub for art and culture that had fostered many fore-thinkers throughout the centuries.

Art is known to help develop critical thinking. It enables the ability to assimilate the connections between concepts, topics, and disciplines as many studies have shown that art and music integrate into science are proven to complement the development of both sides of the brain.

​On this tour, the students will learn about different art movements with the influence of music through history, from the Schönbrunn Palace to world-class museums such as the Albertina; see the original copies of artwork by Austrian artist, Gustav Klimt exhibited at the Secession as a homage to Beethoven and the Belvedere, where his acclaimed painting The Kiss is exhibited. The students will participate in workshops run by local art experts and gain hands-on experience in producing a few pieces of artwork of different genres.

Art is life where artists make a statement to make others see their thoughts, we will explore the impacts of Austrian fore-thinkers, Architects, Adolf Loos and Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, and Artist, Hundertwasser have made on our modern living by visiting their works. They will also get to experience how art is implemented into different facets of the Austrian culture, from the heart of the city to the beautiful countryside of St. Wolfgang and Bad Ischl.

Picasso once said, ‘the purpose of art is to wash off the dusts of our daily life off our souls. Our tour to Austria will sharpen the students’ vision to see life in art, not to find what is common but what is unique.

austria wander through most liveable cit


  • Home country > Vienna, Austria

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  • Schönbrunn Palace

  • Art workshop

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  • Artists of different eras: The Batliner Collection (ranging from Monet to Picasso), Leopold Museum, Belvedere

  • Art workshop

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  • St Stephan’s Cathedral, Haus Der Musik, Secession

  • Vienna concert

  • Art workshop

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  • ​Looshaus, MAK, Kunst Haus Wien, Hundertwasser Village, Spittelau

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DAY 6-7

  • Exploring nature and living in Bad Ischl & St. Wolfgang

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  • Folk music & dance and culinary experience

  • Brahms Museum, Brahms hiking trail

Hong Kong Skyline


  • Vienna, Austria > Home country

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