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Poland Choir Music Festival


  • 12 days


  • Encourage learning and improvement through student exchange programme and workshop 

  • Better understanding and appreciation for the nation’s people and culture 

  • Experience a rich perspective and colourful approach to music education


The choral training of Eastern Europe is regarded as unique and different from the rest of Europe and receives higher acclaims and attracts much attention from the rest of the world. Choir students will travel to Eastern Europe to learn and exchange with the Polish choir students in Warsaw and be coached and conducted by experienced coaches and conductors. This will be a good blend of collaboration of the whole of Europe musicians in one single festival, a once and for all experience.

Eligibility: Choir

Sunrise over Sydney


  • Home country > Warsaw, Poland

Sunrise over Sydney

DAY 2-5

4 Full Days of Music Training & Activities

  • Choral music training & exchange activities at Nazareth High School

Sunrise over Sydney


  • Festival concert performance with all participating choir students

Sunrise over Sydney

DAY 7-11

  • Sightseeing spots around Warsaw, Krakow and Wieliczka

Sunrise over Sydney

DAY 12

  • Warsaw, Poland > Home country

Sunrise over Sydney

Sunrise over Sydney

Sunrise over Sydney

Sunrise over Sydney

Sunrise over Sydney

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