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Andrea Pellegrini

Aarne Saluveer.jpg
Composer / Conductor / Jazz Musician

Andrea Pellegrini is a renowned Jazz Musician and gained his degree in Jazz studies at Siena Jazz, as well as a diploma in Jazz from the Istituto Mascagni, Livorno.

Pellegrini comes from a family of musicians and was brought up to appreciate jazz by his father, jazz musician Gianfranco Pellegrini. He started piano lessons at the age of six, later studying with Ilio Barontini. He also studied percussion at the Istituto Mascagni, and is proficient with the guitar, double bass, vibraphone and drums.

He has collaborated with many musicians of national and international fame, including Paul McCandless, Tino Tracanna, Paolo Fresu, Nino Pellegrini, Bobo Rondelli, Jamie Moses (The Pretenders), Stefano 'Steve' Lunardi, Michela Lombardi, Irene Grandi, and many others. He was director of the Bonamici music school in Pisa from 2004 - 2-2010, where he still teaches, and he is a contract teacher for Jazz Impro and Composition at the Istituto Mascagni, Livorno.

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