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Caroline Lumsden

Aarne Saluveer.jpg
United Kingdom
Founder of Musicland Approach of Violin

Caroline Lumsden trained as a violinist and singer at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and then as a primary school teacher. She was the founder and first director of the Gloucester Academy of Music and with husband, Alan of the Beauchamp House Holiday Courses and the Musicland publishing company.

Lumsden's main love is working with young pupils. She has many publications to her name and is constantly developing new material to help pupils learn easily through having fun with Pirates, Witches, Wizards, Imaginary Animals, Dinosaurs amongst others!

Her Musicland characters and rhythm training are used worldwide to help the very young learn to read music subconsciously. The method was developed at the Gloucester academy and adopted by StringTime at Junior Trinity.

Now, back in the UK and celebrating Musicland’s 30 years of nourishing young musicians, she is launching new centres around the country with her Musicland partner, Camilla Tress.

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