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Georg Baich

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Cello Professor of Music University of the City of Vienna

Georg Baich was born in 1958 in Graz, Austria. He began his violoncello training in the class of Hildgund Posch-Schwarz in the Academy of Music and Performing Art in Graz. After graduating from high school he enrolled at the academy and continued his education under the teaching of Jannis Chronopoulos. At the same time he studied Slavic culture (Russian, Bulgarian and Serbian-Croatian languages, music ethnology and Byzantine studies). Upon graduation from the academy he specialized for two years in 1983-85, in the class of the prominent Emmanuil Fishman - Petersburg conservatoire "Nikolay Rimskij-Korsakov".

In 1989 he began his teaching career in Vienna with the Konservatorium Wien-Privatuniversität и Musikschule Margareten. His students are laureates in many local and international contests, including Prima la musica, Youth contest after the name of Mravinskij - St. Petersburg, the festival "Augustin Prohazka" in Košice, Slovakia, the violoncello festival in Varpalota, Hungary and the International contest for violoncello in Liezen, Austria.

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