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Ilara Casadei

Aarne Saluveer.jpg
Promotional Activities Officer of Cremona Chamber of Commerce

Cremona in Italy and its territory have been inextricably tied to music for the last 500 years. It was the birthplace of Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri - famed luthiers, and their priceless works are conserved in the Bowed String Instrument Collection in the Town Hall.

According to the United nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), musical tourism has been a sector in rapid expansion, and the Cremona Chamber of Commerce has been organizing annual Musical Tourism Workshops to allow tour operators working in musical tourism in an international context for the like-minded to gather and collaborate with one another.

Ms. Casadei, representative of Cremona Chamber of Commerce, has been an important and supportive in making our WMA tours successful in Cremona.

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