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Robert Rieder

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Choral Conductor / Former conductor of Vienna Boys Choir

Robert Rieder was an alto soloist with the Vienna Choir Boys. After his time as a chorister he went on to study church music, music education, organ and conducting, with special emphasis on choral conducting. Rieder, who was a member of the prestigious Vienna Chamber Choir (Wiener Kammerchor) and Concentus Vocalis, has conducted his own church choir in numerous concerts.

In 2001, Rieder was appointed choirmaster of one of the Vienna Choir Boys’ touring ensembles. He has led them on tours through China, Germany, Spain, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Switzerland and the United States.

​Rieder is also active as a jazz musician. He writes his own arrangements, and was a member of the vocal jazz ensemble “John Doe”. He has been working as a freelance musician since Autumn, 2005.

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