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Tokyo & Tsukuba STEM Experience Tour


  • 5 days


  • Uncover the significant impact of science and technology on human life in our developing world

  • Participate in STEM problem-solving workshops and build teamwork through project-based activities

  • Hands-on learning with real-world applications to develop a variety of skill sets


We live in a generation of globalization and information changes in a blink of an eye. Developing student soft skills is the main focus in 21st-century education. Among all, STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) not only enables students to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge, but also enhances their observation, problem-solving skills, creativity and teamwork.

Japan has long been a leader in technology on a global scale, and Tokyo is a metropolitan city with a sophisticated and comprehensive STEM education system compared to the rest of Asia. Our STEM experience tour brought students onto the front seats in the technology cities of Japan: Tokyo and Tsukuba. Tokyo is the most populous metropolitan city in Japan while Tsukuba is known as a well-planned science city. During this educational tour, there will be student exchange, hands-on workshops, innovative company and science and space technology visit, and meet with space experts.

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  • Home country > Tokyo, Japan

  • Technology-related visit

  • ​Welcome dinner

Tokyo & Tsukuba STEM Educational Tour 2.


  • TOKYO Laurus School STEM workshop (1)

  • Nature study (Biomimicry)

Tokyo & Tsukuba STEM Educational Tour 3.


  • TOKYO Laurus School STEM Workshop (2)
    *Certificate of achievement issued by the school

  • Technology-related visit

Tokyo & Tsukuba STEM Educational Tour 4


  • Cyberdyne and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Robotics and technology company) visit

  • Sharing by EX-Director of JAXA Testing center

Hong Kong Skyline


  • Biomimicry visit in Tsukuba (NARO & NIED)
    OR: Taiko Drum workshop / decorated sushi-making workshop

  • Discussion & reflection

  • Tokyo, Japan > Home country

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