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9th brahms winter music festival 2021


Performance, competition, international exchange and joint concert opportunities for young musicians to find joy in music with a sense of achievement.



Application Deadline

22nd January 2021, Friday 

12:00pm (GMT +8) 


Video Submission Deadline

29th January 2021, Friday 

12:00pm (GMT +8)

Results Announcement

Live Mini Concert

Postponed to 5th March 2021, Friday

7:00pm (GMT +8)

(Details to be announced on JBMS & HKPMA website & Facebook page)


  • Individual entry - € 55/ HK$520

  • Ensemble / Parent-Child entry (2-9 players) - € 80/ HK$760

  • Chamber / Orchestra entry - € 100/ HK$950

  • (LIMITED OFFER) Individual entry + 50-min masterclass with music school - € 130/ HK$1240


  1. Please register and make payment directly through HERE.

  2. A submission link will be sent to the participants via email.

  3. Submit your video through the given link by 12:00pm, 29th January 2021.



  • The competition is open to solo and ensemble players of any age and nationality
    *The classifications are grouped according to the level of music training instead of age

  • Instruments: strings, winds, percussion, piano, guitars, ensemble, and vocals



Performances will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Overall performance (musically and artistically)

  • Rhythmic and melodic execution

  • Musical expressiveness 

  • Stage presence 


Participants are qualified according to the average grade point of evaluations by the Jury:

  • FIRST prize – to be awarded to the participant who scores at least 90/100 points

  • SECOND prize – to be awarded to the participant who scores at least 80/100 points

  • THIRD prize – to be awarded to the participant who scores at least 65/100 points

  • FOURTH prize – to be awarded to the participant who scores at least 50/100 points

  • FIFTH prize – to be awarded to the participant who scores below 50/100 points



  • FIRST prize participants will win a one-on-one masterclass/ private consultation with the jury

  • All participants will be adjudicated and awarded among the 5 levels of awards

  • All participants will be receiving a certificate of participation, a momento, a feedback video, and a performance record sheet from the Jury



Our adjudicators are professors and educators from Music universities, academies, and schools including Elisabeth Kropfitsch, Simone Mustein, Eduard Lanner, Bernhard Hirzberger, Klaus Steinberger, Gernot Rupp



  1. Self-introduction. E.g. “My name is Maxi Muster and I am going to play the Gavotte and ‘Tante Rhody’”. This can also be done by the teacher or the parent.

  2. Short presentations by the participants about the composers and pieces of music are compulsory.

  3. Perform according to the requirements of each category (please refer to “Category”).



  • Only unedited recordings are accepted, the video must clearly show the face and hands of the performer at all times.

  • The video must be uploaded through our link in the application form.

  • The format of the video must be 720p or above resolution, MP4、WMV、MOV or MPG. File size no more than 2GB.

  • The length of the video should not exceed the time limit as stated in the “Category”.




Musical eras

  • Music by living composers since 2001

  • Music of the 20th century

  • Romantic until approx. 1900

  • Preclassic, classic until approx. 1820

  • Baroque until approx. 1750

  • Renaissance, early baroque until approx. 1650



Although piano accompaniment is usual, it is not compulsory. The performance may be accompanied by instrumental forces of any number, including an orchestra.


Ensemble/ chamber music in open instrumentation

Ensembles with different instrumentation are possible. For 6 musicians onwards, it is possible to have a conductor who is also going to be rated. 


Piano tuning

443 Hz



  1. An appropriate category must be chosen according to the levels of music training at the moment of the application deadline, 29th January 2021.

  2. One participant may take part in different categories for different instruments. However, participants need to register separately for each instrument for a separate evaluation.

  3. Participants agree and authorise the JBMS and HKPMA to publish their name, image, and recording for promotion and publicity.

  4. The results will be announced on the 13th February 2021, Sunday 8:00 - 9:00pm during JBMS Winter Festival Live Mini Concert, and will be published on JBMS & HKPMA website & Facebook page on 16th February 2021, Tuesday.

  5. Registration is necessary for taking part in the competition, and the registration form is available at the bottom of the page. Incomplete applications, including failure to pay fees, will result in disqualification. The participation fee is not refundable.

  6. Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of any part of the rules and regulations of the 9th Brahms International Winter Music Festival 2021, the decision of the competition administration and jury will be final and not subject to any appeal. The competition administration reserves the right to amend any of the rules or regulations contained herein if it is considered necessary for the competition.

  7. By submitting the Application Form, participants agree to the General Rules of the competition.

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