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9th brahms winter music festival 2021

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Michael Koller

"Our competition has been going on for 9 years. It was never designed as an online competition. Due to the pandemic, we would like to invite participants from Asia to join us this year. For us, the focus is on children and their joy and achievements. We want the children to enhance their skills and uncover their talents, regardless of their age."

- Michael Koller, Director of 
 Johannes Brahms Music School

JOHANNES BRAHMS MUSIC SCHOOL (JBMS/ Johannes Brahms Musikschule Mürzzuschlag)

Established in 1948 in Mürzzuschlag of Austria, tens of thousands of students have attended their music school. Under the patron of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, many students from JBMS have entered Vienna Music University and later work in Vienna Philharmonic or other professional orchestras or pursued their musical careers as teachers, artists, and producers. 

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Since our partnership in 2005, Johannes Brahms Music School (JBMS) has been providing musical training for World Music Academy (WMA) students from Asia. More than 40 tour groups were organised in the past 15 years to receive training at JBMS. All trainings are conducted by professional musicians and educators, including conductors from the Vienna Boy Choir and professional orchestras' players. Some of the memorable performances including our concerts at the renowned Musikverein and Haydn Hall. 

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